If your wheels are not balanced, it can normally result in a vibration of the wheels which can be uncomfortable to drive in as well as result in premature wearing of tyres, suspension parts and steering components. This can normally be detected by the steering wheel wobbling after a certain speed. Balancing your wheels can eliminate the vibration and ensure your tyres last longer, saving time and money.

Need immediate assistance please call +254 711 719 925.

Our Pay As You Go Road Rescue is a 24 hour service. Additionally road side repair is an emergency service given to all our clients whose vehicle breaks down in the vicinity of the major towns. Where towing or recovery is necessary, a modest fee is charged. The assurance to our clients is that assistance is only a phone call away is indeed comforting.

To many motorists, a car is a valuable asset and uttermost care should be taken while handling it. Consequently we have invested in motor vehicle Ambulances which ensures vehicle’s integrity while in transit. The vehicle is pig-backed on to the ambulance as opposed to the common lift towing.

  • Available 24/7
  • Free recovery for cars serviced with us